Top 5 online income source for digital marketing




For many people making money online would be an absolute dream come true , but due to proper guidelines 

It becomes very difficult to implement .How to make money online for beginner ? nowadays making money online is becoming very popular. Many businesses

Are now operate using by the internet . When you run a business using the internet you can easily show up to many

 people and gain introduction .

There are many way to makeing  money online  from the internet 


1.       Google adsense

2.       Affiliate marketing

3.    Book writing 

4.       Freelance writing

5.       Youtube

1 Google adsense :

If you have visit any website , you have been seen Google ads . Google Adsense is most popular

Option for income through internet. How to used Google adsense?

Anyone who wants to  income using Google adsense then he  need a website .

Approve from Google adsense by writing quality content on a website very easy . It easy to apply for google adsense

Google will check and sort  the website and then give approval.


2 Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling the product of an individual or organization and taking commissions in return .If you  have blog or website then you can do affiliate marketing very easily .By writing content any product and service can be easily displayed among the people and sold.By writing deails about a product on a blog or website through the product link generate can be sold very easy . this is a very popular site for affiliate marketing for amazon .moreover affiliate marketing

3 youtube

Currently the most  popular platform among young people in youtube Youtube is a video sharing website .Currently youtube is one of the online income if you have a youtube channel where  you can share video to earn income through google adsense .many businesses are being run using youtube .moreover affiliate marketing can be done using youtube .

4 freelance writing

Currently freelancing is a very  popular medium .the demand for freelancing abroad  is increasing day by day.In the meantime freelancing writing is very popular freelance write has a lot of value .There is no substitute for writing to present  a subject beautifully .

5 Book writing

Books are a very important thing for people .Writing a Books and  earn money for the internet.There are many way to earn income by writing book online.books can also be sold using Amazon .


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