Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools 2020

What is keyword ?

That,s what people search for by typing to find something this called keyword .keyword is very important for SEO .keyword work 60% to get a website ranker .keyword is a very important component for modern SEO  with which any website can bee ranked very easily .we using divide the keyword into four parts. example: 

1.Short tail keyword 

2. Long tail keyword 

3. LSI keyword 

4.Focus world

1. Short tail keyword : short tail keyword are usually no more then three word .short tail keyword computation is very high .cannot be success be achieved very quickly using short tail keyword .

2.Long tail keyword keyword : long tail keyword are using more then 3 word its  called long tail keyword . long tail keyword have low computation .It is very easy to come to the google top page using the long tail keyword.

3.LSI keyword : LSI  keyword is to present a keyword differently .usually LSI keyword are long tail keyword .SEO can be done very easily using it .

4.Focus word .The word most commonly used inside  a content is called focus world.the most important of the keyword is  focus word.

let's see top 5 free keyword tool 

1.Google keyword planner 


Google keyword planner is the best drum among the tools .many keyword are easily found using the tool . although this tool is free it sill like a paid tools .it is very easy to use .from this it is very easy to know much more including search volume.among the free tools i will put google keyword planner in the top ranking.

2.Ubersuggest :

 Ubersuggest is very popular tool .this tools is very easy to used for free but but it can be bought for money .free and paid version is same result but it cannot be used for  a long time for free. Google keyword planner free all time but ubersuggest limited time .even then many keywords can be recharge with it. using this keyword tools you can show your website through the project here if you want then you can easily see good results in your search result .

3 Google Trends 

It is not a keyword recharge tools but it is very important to us .the monthly volume of a particular keyword and its are easily know using google trends .it checks the value of a keyword and displays the value  between 0 and 100. so it carries a lot of important .

4. Ahrefs keyword explorer 

These tools are very important among the free keyword tools because it is very easy to find keyword .

Ahrefs tools provide for many tools just example   

1.Backlink checker 

2. broken link checker checker 

4.keyword generator keyword tools

6.amozan keyword tools keyword tools

8.keyword rank chaker 

so ahrefs given the opportunity to use many tools for free.

5.LSI Graps 

Nowadays  lsi graps is becoming very popular .this tools helps to find LSI keyword very popular .it is easy to extract  keywords from this graps, this tool is only made for lsi keyword .it plays important role in the current era of search engines.

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